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Dress Forty Nine

Puffy Paint Prints
I'm pretty excited about these!
First print:

 I applied purple ink over the plate, wiped the overdress and bodice areas, and then applied red and purple ink in a strokes pattern with a brush.

This second one is a ghost of the one above with drips of ink squished with a paper towel.  I really like how the drops of red on the overskirt "exploded" in the press.  I also added a couple of extra layers of paper and another flexi plate to really squeeze off as much ink in the second pressing.

This next piece could be considered a second ghost... I did add some speckles with drab purple in the background as well as some dabs from the inked up paper towels.

This next piece is a true second monotype, not a ghost relative of the ones above... you can see that i went a little crazy with the red overpainting and the pressure of the press rolled the ink right off the image.  I achieved the lacy underskirt and bodice effects by using a pencil scriggled around in the ink right on the plate.  Same for the celestial object, only i used a q-tip.

The piece below is a quick blotting of the above piece prior to the application of red and prior to going into the press. You can see that the blotting process pulled up a lot of the ink that had been lying on top of the puffy paint ridges.  I gently placed a piece of paper on the plate and very softly ran my hand over it to prevent the over bleed through and down effects....


Here is an image from the back of the last print.... see how deeply the puffy paint embosses into the paper... and that red ink... smooshed right through... thankfully i had used many layers of protective paper and did not stain the press blankets... a BIG no-no in a print studio!

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