~366 dresses in 2012~


Dress Ninety One

Made a dress today... mini dress form
 sleeve cap on pattern has lovely parallel lines in a curve
 pearlx paint on bodice - propped on mailbox for best light


Dress Eighty Six

Thanks to my awesome daughter, I'm saved again.... completely spent after a day preparing for and teaching my first Image Transfer Techniques Class at the Lawrence Arts Center, I am ill prepared for this evening's post and she came through! Drawn in Astronomy class in the margins of her math notebook, we bring you Arachnadia or Beetaliss or Insectavia... don't you think the stiff sleeves look like ravenous creature appendages? and... there's some Pipi Longstocking-esque thing going on there with the freckles too....


Dress Eighty Five

Soon to be mother's day cards for the Phoenix Gallery!


Dress Eighty One

ok... did taxes from 8am to 530 tonight and then straight to the AITP artist acceptance committee meeting (and now it's 9pm) so... archive dress again!
here is the illustration i made for my "Little Bostons at MacKomics Studio" art program for young children.


Dress Seventy Eight

Musing on the juxtaposition between the soft shelled delicate species we are; in contrast to the sharp edged world we have created while watching the BBC Masterpiece Contemporary: The Last Enemy


Dress Seventy Seven

a mixture of elements seen on fashionable females downtown during the last week - sketched while waiting to go in to hear Susan Stamberg speak a few days ago.


Dress Seventy Six

Here is an illustration of the dress I wore for my senior photo for the yearbook.....
and here is my senior photo....


Dress Seventy Five

This dress is inspired by outfit worn by the Sophia Loren-shaped Italian actress pursued by Yossarian in the1970  movie "Catch 22"


Dress Seventy Four

Original drawings for card series...



Dress Seventy Two

Front and Side Front and Side Front and Side Front and Side


Dress Sixty Seven

Here is a drypoint etching from tonight; our last class for winter session "Print Beginnings" at LAC with the fabulous Artist-in Residence: Carla!  I can't believe it's been 8 weeks already, this was the most fun ... something to look forward to every week.  Everyone in the class was so outgoing, silly, curious about printing, friendly.. you name it! Sorry it's over is alls I can say.


Dress Sixty Six

Day Sixty Six!! you know what that means... ONLY 300 dresses left to go!


Dress Sixty One

Thank you C. for the snazzy grey and charcoal pencils... just had to try them out!

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