~366 dresses in 2012~


Dress 182

I am so grateful for the group of students from Indonesia who visited our reception on Friday night! I found my next inspiration/exploration of dress forms... we are sailing away from the west and finding some sumptious patterns, wrapping, folding and colors in the east....


Dress 181

Great evening at the Lawrence Public Library this evening for Final Fridays

Tami Clark, Barbara Reid, Laurie Culling and I held a reception to celebrate the end of a month long show.  We had lots of visitors and friends who wished us well.  In particular, I'd like to mention the lovely group of students from Indonesia.  They are part of an English Language Study Program -staying up in the dorms at KU.  They had lots of questions and compliments and had their pictures taken with us and our art work.  They will be hosting an international expo and performances in early July where they will be wearing traditional costume from their particular region of the 17,000 island nation.  Here is a sketch of what one of the outfits might look like.

Here is the link to the organization web page: http://www.iie.org/en/Programs/IELSP/


Dress 180

This perky gal was a digital mock-up for a logo project a couple of years ago. The earrings and necklace are photographs.


Dress 175

For my dear friend Malissa on her Birthday!

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